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For our customers during the current COVID-19 crisis.

LIVING TRUST, WILLS, POWER OF ATTORNEY and any other documents:

1) Contact us by phone or email so we can send you the appropriate workbooks.

2) Click on the link below to provide an initial payment for the document preparation service (the balance will need to be paid, before the final document can be sent to you electronically)

3) Once documents are prepared and balance is paid, the document is given to you electronically (PDF format), with instructions on  how to effect it legally.

Are you on Twitter??

You can receive an additional 5% discount if you

follow us on Twitter: @UnifiedDocs

For any Retired or Active Military Personnel,  Healthcare workers, and First Responders, we will give a 10% discount on any document preparation service, and waive any RUSH fees to get your documents faster (applies to any Estate Planning documents only).


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